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“LAC SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED”, is one of the developing company concentrating on supply & service support for various accessories of WTGs.

We are manufacturing Control systems and Accessories for WTGs, like control panel, control cards, anemometers, wind vanes, yaw switch, battery back up for soft braking systems etc, with a sophisticated hi-tech design and 90% of the imported components exclusively to meet customer’s needs at economical cost. In close co-operation with our customers we often undertake market and product analysis, which are the basis for further development of our products to suit the needs of the customers.

Your reliable partner for high technology of Wind turbine Controllers

Learn more about the wide range of our products - high technology Controllers, Display Unit, Soft Connection and Voltage measurement Unit. With always keeping our main goal quality in mind we can provide services from the development of electronic components and its related mechanics to logistics, production & testing. Visit the LAC Website | we appreciate your interest in our products and services.

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